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This book is based in part upon my recollection of real events. The reconstruction and sharing of those memories is as honest an attempt at truth that this writer is capable of.

Getting the work published is an entirely different story.  It seems there are any number of reasons for not publishing new writers. After investigating various on-line publishers and POD’s (print on demand) I decided to go it on my own.  I learned a lot. I was very fortunate to not fall into a lot of traps that other first time authors become ensnared in.

Tremendously satisfying was the good fortune of being able to use the talent and skills of local vendors in the small town where I live.

Bottom line, I own my work, cover to cover, ISBN, Copyright, LOC Number, every paragraph, every syllable, comma, and period. It may have been easier to choose another path but don’t be fooled. Nothing worth doing is ever easy.

Whether or not the words in A Path Runs Through It have meaning for you is in the reading.

I have provided an excerpt on the next page,  enjoy the pictures and feel free to leave a comment. Mean people need not engage.

I hope you will find words in these pages that you can call your own.

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Kevin Puskar